Which Fictional Medic Are You Most Like?

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What kind of medical student were you?

You’re most like Dr. House!

While Dr. House is quite likely to fail any OSCE owing to his disastrous personal and communication skills, he is better than a walking, talking copy of Kumar & Clarke.

While he may leave a lot to be desired with his patient interaction, he is often willing to stake his career on saving a patient’s life, which is pretty admirable (though best saved for TV!)

You’re most like Dr. Bailey!

You are straightforward, tough, quick-witted. You are passionate about medicine and work hard, but also have a great work-life balance, which is essential for any medic!

Personal crises, emergencies, and disaster are a daily occurrence in Grey’s Anatomy but Miranda Bailey always manages to bounce back, remain herself, and keep going. She’s a strong woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and will tell you exactly what she thinks.

You're most like Dr Cox!

Part devil, part angel, Percival Ulysses ‘Perry’ Cox is nearly everyone’s favourite doctor in Scrubs.

He never panics under pressure and despite the harsh exterior really cares – and his ‘motivational’ speeches are unparalleled. Definitely not someone you’d want to be on the wrong side of, but a great mentor if you just keep your face out of his face!